Verve Studios


Commercial Technique, Level 1 (new format)  

Taught by working commercial actors, Commercial Technique, Level 1 focuses on giving you the skills needed to audition for Arizona agents and commercials, including cold reading, camera technique, improvisation and tools of the trade (headshots, resumes, types).

Sundays, August 5-26, 2018
2-5 pm | $225*
Gene Ganssle, Instructor | Register

Commercial Technique, Level 2 # (new format)  

Level 2 builds on the skills from Level 1 (plus the former Commercial Acting course) covering more complicated and difficult scripts and filming situations to make you competitive in national and multi-market commercials. 

2018 TBA
1-4 pm | $225*
Gene Ganssle, Instructor | #

Advanced Commercial Workout #

A fast-paced workout for those who have already taken Verve’s commercials course(s) focusing on making bold choices with difficult copy. 

2018 TBA
Amanda Melby, Instructor


* +$25 registration fee for new students.