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Scene Study - Intermediate/Advanced (Ongoing) with Amanda Melby #

An actor is always working on her craft.  When you’re not working, you should be in class. Scene Study is for working actors and for those that have the desire and work ethic to be a working actor. Verve’s Scene Study class is a safe, vigorous, nurturing environment for you to build and practice your technique.  Only through long-term training will you achieve your goals, stretch your previously held limitations, and learn to be flexible and adaptable while remaining true to the character and the script. 

Through partnered scene work, monologues, and solo Uta Hagen exercises, you will learn to create truthful, organic moment-to-moment life on stage on a weekly basis.  The combination of expert coaching and self-critique will allow you to identify and articulate what is working and what isn’t, and most importantly, why. 

Scene Study is month-to-month, and ongoing.  Entrance into the class is through audition or completion of THE CORE. Frequently Asked Questions
Required Reading: Uta Hagen’s A CHALLENGE FOR THE ACTOR & Richard Boleslavsky’s ACTING: THE FIRST SIX LESSONS

MONDAYS, November 12-Dec 17, 2018
6:30-9:30 pm | Amanda Melby, Coach

$255 for all six classes or $138.75/month (3 classes in Nov, 3 classes in Dec)


For Nov-Dec, we will include the filming of one scene or monologue as part of the class!

Term 1: March 25- April 29 | $275
Term 2: May 6-June 24. Off May 27. | $275
Showcase: June 24.
Off July 1-Aug 5.
Term 3: Aug 12-Sept 23. Off Sept 2. | $275
Term 4: Sept 30-Nov 6. | $275
Term 5: Nov 11-Dec 16. | $275
Special Event: Dec 16.

For Current Students: Tuition Payment | Payment Policies | Drop Form | Scene Partner Etiquette | Class Etiquette  

Scene Study - Master Class with Laura Winstin #  

The Master Class challenges the seasoned professional to dig deeper into character development by implementing the tools learned in the prerequisite courses Breathing In The Physical Character Levels One and Two.  It demands an increased level of concentration by exploring an advanced acting technique through a “mash-up” scene study and a more in-depth rehearsal process by examining the subtleties and nuances of sub-textual levels found within the text and character development.  Physical and vocal demands are increase as the level of work becomes deeper and more authentic.  Led by Laura Winstin ; this class is by invitation only.

Master Class (Scene Mash Up)#
Tuesdays, Jan 22- Feb 26, 2019
6:30-9:30 pm | $275 | REGISTER (no later than 1/15)
#Both classes have pre-requisites
*+$25 registration fee for new students.