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Scene Study (Intermediate/Advanced)

An actor is always working on her craft.  When you’re not working, you should be in class. If you are serious about wanting to be a working, professional actor, then we invite you to study at Verve Studios. Download a pdf flier about Frequently Asked Questions

Verve’s Scene Study class is a safe, vigorous, nurturing environment for you to build and practice your technique.  Only through long-term training will you achieve your goals, stretch your previously held limitations, and learn to be flexible and adaptable while remaining true to the character and the script. 

Through partnered scene work and solo Uta Hagen exercises, you will learn to create truthful, organic moment-to-moment life on stage on a weekly basis.  The combination of expert coaching and self-critique will allow you to identify and articulate what is working and what isn’t, and most importantly, why. 

Scene Study is month-to-month, and ongoing.  Students are encouraged to stay in class for a minimum of nine months.  Entrance into the class is through audition or completion of THE CORE.  Actors first starting in Scene Study will be placed in Intermediate. Once actors have completed all ten Hagen exercises, the Core and Get Personal classes and have been in Scene Study for longer than 12 months, they may be invited to be Advanced.

Required Reading for Foundational Classes

Guest Artist Master Class
One or twice a year, Verve invites a Guest Artist to conduct a Master Class. Advanced Scene Study students will be invited to present scenes in the master class and Intermediate students will audit. Space permitting, guests may attend for a nominal fee.
August, 2014: Robyn Allen
December, 2014: Laura Winstin
October, 2015: David Barker (Stage Combat)
November, 2015: MaryAnne McGarry
November, 2016: Dwayne Hartford

Industry Showcase
There have been 8 Industry Showcases over the past 10 years. The Intermediate and Advanced students are both eligible for the Showcase, but must have completed the Commercials Course and been in Scene Study for longer than 9-months to be eligible.

Actors serious about studying at Verve Studios (Scene Study or Core classes only) are welcome to audit the Scene Study class the 4th Monday of the month. RSVP to Amanda by the Saturday prior at noon to reserve your space. Students should be familiar with the required reading and the class offerings prior to reserving space. There is NO FEE to audit.

General breakdown of class by month:
January-April: Goals, Scenes, Monologues, Exercises, Showcase Prep
May: Showcase, plus Guest Artist Master Class
June: Comedy (Technique, Scenes and Monologues)
July: Special Topic (2016: Voice and Movement, 2015: Shakespeare and Classical Scenes, 2014: Improv, 2013: Demo Reel Shoots)
August-November: Scenes, Monologues, Exercises, Guest Artist Master Class
December: Dramatic Short Scenes

Current Students
If you wish to make a payment, go to:
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Scene Partner Etiquette
Class Etiquette

DATES: Ongoing, MONDAYS, with the exception of holidays/5th Mondays.

Mondays, Jan 9-Dec 11, 2017
6:30-9:30 pm | Amanda Melby, Coach $180/month
Jan 2017 (4 classes - off 1/2/17)
Feb 2017 (4 classes)
March 2017 (4 classes)
April 2017 (4 classes)
May 2017 (4 classes - off 5/29/17)
June 2017 (4 classes)
July 2017 (4 classes - off TBA)
August 2017 (4 classes)
September 2017 (3 classes - off 9/4/17)
October 2017 (4 classes)
November 2017 (4 classes)
December 2017 (2 classes - off 12/18-12/25)

PRE-REQUISITE: THE CORE or Instructor’s consent/audition


*+$25 registration fee for new students.