Verve Studios

Verve Studios is a comprehensive professional actor-training boutique studio located in the Scottsdale, Arizona Airpark.


Led by seasoned, degreed, working professional actors, Verve Studios offers ADULT and YOUTH students the mentorship, career guidance and foundational core training they need in order to be successful, working actors


Featuring well-planned curriculum led by expert teachers and coaches, Verve Studios’ classes are suited to serious and open actors and are limited in size in order to give each student individual, tailored attention


The training at Verve Studios focuses on both the craft and the business of acting and creates flexible, dynamic working actors, who respect and understand the process and one another. 


Acting Foundation

Taken together, the four courses in the Acting Foundation Classes will provide any actor a stable foundation with which to build upon.  Covering every aspect of acting technique, the foundation classes are  1. CORE TECHNIQUE, 2. WHOLE BODY ACTING, 3. GET PERSONAL and 4. SCENE STUDY.  Taken together, these lay the foundation of your technique and provide a place and opportunity to build on that foundation.

Working Actor

Verve also offers Working Actor Classes designed to give you a well-rounded education and the ability to be successful in any medium.  Designed to give the actor a leg-up in the market and be completely versed in all mediums, these classes are essential counterparts to the Acting Foundation Classes.  The Working Actor classes are COMMERCIALS, FILM & TV ACTING, VOICE OVER, TelePrompTer, HOSTING, MOVEMENT, VOICE, IMPROV, MONOLOGUES, ACCENTS, and SHAKESPEARE.



From one day workouts to a school-year professional training program, Verve offers a robust YOUTH Acting program that fits every actor’s needs.

Verve’s YOUTH PROFESSIONAL TRAINING PROGRAM is comprehensive, ongoing training for young actors ages 10-18.  Meeting weekly during the school year, classes are by age and level.  Starting in Level 1, Foundational technique is taught through script analysis, character development, improv, solo work and partnered scene work.  It also is an introduction to Working Actor subjects and professional opportunities in the commercial, TV/Sitcom, film, theatre, TelePrompTer, and voice over fields.  With a deeper understanding of technique, Levels 2-4 allow students to work on more complex characters, complicated scene work and the remaining Working Actor course work.  



Verve’s SATURDAY WORKOUTS feature the full complement of the Foundation and Working Actor classes, but in an a la carte format.  They are designed to enhance ongoing training as well as supplement for those not able to commit to a weekly class.  They rotate through topics and content and will keep your skills in tip-top shape. Weekend workshops and workouts are available individually or in a package.


SUMMER CAMPS for youth include the Film Acting (full-day) and Camera Ready (half-day) camps.