Verve Studios

TESTIMONIALS - What the Students are Saying

"Amanda has a wonderful teaching style that brings results through positive critique.  She is encouraging, yet honest and I feel it is her supportive nature which has helped me to open up more in my acting." - K.G.

"I just wanted to say thank you for helping me with my monologues/audition and encouraging me to be in your acting class.  I had a great time and learned a lot.  Your class helped me with my confidence and acting ability.  You’re a fantastic teacher and I would recommend your class to anyone.  I can’t thank you enough!" - R.D.

"Amanda: You are one of my favorite acting coaches. You have a very unique way of teaching that I have learned so much from. I have finally also discovered what my niche is because I have learned so much about myself in class. And thank you so much for caring about me. You are the true meaning of "coach." I would recomend you to every one and any one who wants to learn more about themselves. Thank you!"- N.A.

"Hey Amanda: Guess What? I got the  part  in the movie!!!!!!!!! I'm shooting it tomorrow in Sun City! I am so excited! I know I could've never done it without your help! You are the best acting coach ever!" -M.S.

"I love your class and think that you're an amazing teacher. Not only have you let me discover Uta Hagen, but I have learned so much from you." - N.W.

"I really owe a lot of thanks to you. I would of only known that I had to read the script (which is a "duh") if it wasn't for you and your training! Honestly, I've learned so much! I mean it looked EXACTLY like how you explained and showed the way a film and commercial audition would look like. I can't wait to see and learn from you again!" - A.H.

"I just wanted to congratulate you on your award, and let you know that you so deserve it.  I have always been so impressed with your eagerness to teach the craft you are so good at.  You have helped me so much I can't even quantify it.  Even if my whole life was just going to class and doing plays, or free Indie films, I can't even imagine a life without acting.  Thank you so much!" -A.S.
"Thank You again for the showcase and for everything. You're a great teacher and I look forward to attending more of your classes. Ever since I have started taking acting seriously and really pursuing it, I have felt more fulfilled with my life, more confident, and all around happiness in who I am and what I am doing. It's amazing how much a person can grow by putting themselves out there in uncomfortable situations. Your class has been better for me then you will ever know." -R.D.

"You are a great teacher with the perfect mixture of knowledge, kindness, encouragement and humor. I learned and relearned some of the things I was able to do many years without thinking about.  I was reminded and re-motivated that I needed to get back to doing more." -J.C. 

"Thank you for your help with my career, the help you give to actors is priceless Amanda." - R.D.

"Thank You. I don't think I could have gotten cast in this part if it hadn't been for all of your help in class.  I really think it's given me a lot more to draw on as an actor, and you've given me a lot of valuable tools for finding the character and bringing him to life and everything.  I believe it's really made a difference -- even in just a short couple of months. So, Thank You so much." - A.D.

"Tonight's class was great I learned a lot about how important it is to have an objective.  I am very excited.  I feel like I have come a long way, but I know I still have a long way to go.  Thanks for running such a good class." -A.S.

"You're a great teacher and we are so grateful we found you." - L.B.

"THANK YOU! Your training has really done a lot for me. =)" -A.H.

"I am a superb judge of character. I concluded quickly that you are exceptionally talented and more than qualified to teach anything related to acting, etc. Your interpersonal skills and ability to read situations are exemplary. I also recognize that you have an innate ability to recognize when there is a something missing that is invisible to most people." - J.G.

"By the way: thanks for everything, I know I've told you before but I really feel your coaching and class has made a huge difference on where I am as a performer and my knowledge of the industry." - H.C.

"Your workshop and this experience is teaching me that the blocks are sometimes the DON’Ts that I have put on myself over the years of my life.  It was a big Defining Moment for me as an actor.  I knew that I had tapped into an emotional level that I had never experienced before or “re-lived” as an actor.  Thanks." - R.Z.