Verve Studios

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Established 2005

Verve  (noun)
1.            enthusiasm, energy, or spirit, especially in the expression of artistic ideas
2.            lively vigorous spirit

Verve Studios is a conservatory-style boutique acting studio located in the Scottsdale, Arizona Airpark.

Since 2005, Verve Studios has offered classes for the serious and dedicated actor.  The coaches at Verve are working, seasoned, professional actors and teach proven methods and techniques.  Verve classes are nurturing, honest and intense and will bring out, encourage and help shape the artist through creativity, truth and discipline.

To bring out, encourage and help shape the artist in everyone through creativity, truth and discipline.

We operate through the principles of creativity, truth and respect. 

Student Goals:
·       Mastery of the craft and technique.  Empowerment of own ability.
·       Ability to articulate own technique – what works and what doesn’t.  How the artist does what she does.
·       Ability to be successfully flexible with direction in audition and work situations.
·       Ability to adapt technique to any medium.
·       Confidence in ability and validation in artistry.
·       Strong work ethic, dedication to the craft and business.
·       Respect for fellow artists and their process.
·       Responsibility for own career, relationships and journey

Verve is a conservatory-style studio that offers Acting Foundation Classes and Working Actor Classes for YOUTH and ADULTS.