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Taught by LA Casting Director Karen Maseng
Pogo Casting,

Saturday, November 17, 2018 | 10 am - 6 pm
What sets this class apart from the rest?
This is a four-week class condensed into a one-day Intensive Workshop! Students work on camera at least 5 times! On-Camera Interview • Reaction auditions • Action choices • Improv auditions • Multiple person scenes (What do you do in a scene when you have no lines?) One-line auditions • Single Person copy and more. Includes a short lunch break; participants should bring a bag lunch. (Verve has a microwave and small fridge as well as snacks for purchase.) $175* |  REGISTER | THERE ARE AUDIT AND WAIT LIST SPOTS AVAILABLE. PARTICIPATION SPOTS FILLED.

Sunday, November 18, 2018 | 9 am -12:30 pm and 1:30-5 pm
The workshop will start with a Meisner warm up exercise, followed by one-liner auditions. Karen will teach students to unlock their imagination, stay flexible so that they don’t get stuck in one way of performing copy. Finally, students will work on multiple person scenes. $100*
Ages 13-18: 9 am – 12:30 pm. Parents may re-join the class at 12 pm for the Q&A session. **ONLY THREE SPOTS LEFT!***
Ages 8-13: 1:30-5 pm. Parents may re-join the class at 4:30 pm for the Q&A session. **ONLY THREE SPOTS LEFT!***

KAREN MASENG began her career as an actress. Los Angeles offers actors access to some of the best teachers in the business, and Karen took full advantage of those opportunities. While Maria Gobetti at The Victory Theatre taught her the fundamentals, it was director Corey Allen who taught her there were infinite ways of looking at the same copy. Studying, acting, waiting tables, writing, producing, directing…Karen did it all.
Armed with a successful working career in casting, Karen ventured to form her own company, Pogo Casting, as a boutique casting company. Being an expert in her niche, Karen’s success lies in catering to discerning clients who demand a casting director who is deeply involved in every aspect of the casting process. Her love of actors and years of coaching talent have given her a unique perspective that directors have come to truly appreciate.
Though Karen remains a sought-after casting director in Los Angeles, her passion for teaching is her way of giving back. Her classes explore every aspect of the acting process and the human experience, and guide actors as they develop and maintain a healthy perspective in a challenging world.

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"This is a GREAT class! I took it, applied what I learned, and booked a national commercial, two print sessions, and an industrial within a month! I can say this class helped me bring in lots of $$ fast!" Pete Freeland, Actor

“Karen’s class is a must for commercial and film actors alike. She teaches you how to get to where you need to be fast, and that is an invaluable skill. I can’t recommend this class enough!” Dea Vise, Casting Director at Casting By Dea Vise

“I thoroughly enjoyed the class and got tons of value out of it. I’ve booked 3 commercials in the two weeks since taking it!” Shauna Markey, Actor

"Karen guides actors along their paths with the skills she brings from her extensive background as a director, casting director and actress. She is particularly impressive. I recommend her highly”.  Maria Gobetti, Artistic Director: The Victory Theatre Center

“Karen has a brilliant understanding of the acting process. She creates a tangible bridge between actor and character.” Martin Donovan, Director

 “This class landed me a commercial agent and led to booking many many commercials. Highly recommended! Thanks Karen” Kayvon Esmaili, Actor

"I've worked as an actress for many years and I have studied with many wonderful teachers. Karen's techniques helped me build confidence. Her exercises are a revelation. She cuts through, simplifies and helps you get specific, and specifics get you jobs." Zilah Mendoza, actor

This workshop is a learning experience. It is not a casting session, nor an employment opportunity.