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Each workshop concentrates on a specific dialect or accent and includes fundamentals and putting it into action.
A bad dialect, an inconsistent or flatly wrong dialect can be very distracting to the audience. At the same time, the American audience must be able to understand the dialect.  Diane Senffner gives the actor a chance to use intonation, rhythm, patterns of speech and use of the dialect’s most recognizable sounds to make the script up to 30-40% more authentic and humorous, especially if the script was written by a native speaker.


Dialects of the American South
Many great stage plays have been written with one 'southern' dialect or another playing in the head of the author.  But not all dialects of the American south are alike.  You'll learn distinctive features of different U.S. southern regions and how to sound more authentic performing them. Diane coached actors Ron Livingston, Lizzie Caplan and Matt Walsh in their 'cowboy' dialects for the motion picture, "Queens of Country."

Sunday, June 2, 2019 | 1-4 pm (new date)
Diane Senffner, Instructor | $65* | REGISTER

Standard British + Cockney!
Are you an anglophile?  Did the Royal happenings get you all charged up?  Maybe you’ve fancied sounding like Rex Harrison, Hugh Grant, Harry Potter or the Geico Gecko?  Well here's your chance to polish up your British dialect skills for the stage and screen!  Diane Senffner, the Valley's go-to dialect coach, will be teaching Standard British – one of the most popular stage dialects!  
Diane has worked in the U.K. and has been teaching British dialects for over 25 years. Ages 16-up.

TBA | 1-4 pm
Diane Senffner, Instructor | $125*

Accents You Can Use: French, German, Italian!
Actors are regularly called upon to perform accents in roles and it’s a tricky to get them to sound intelligible while also sounding authentic. Diane Senffner’s class Accents You Can Use: French, German and Italian focuses on the key sounds of the three accents that are most often requested on stage and film. You’ll leave class sounding magnifique! Wunderbar! Fantastico!

TBA | 1-4 pm
Diane Senffner, Instructor | $65*
* +$25 registration fee for new students.