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Saturday Workouts!  

If you are not actively working on a film or theatre project, you should be in class! If you are signed with an agent, you should be in class! (In fact, many actually require it!) Join us Saturday mornings for fun, educational workouts for students ages 8-18 designed to keep your skills in tip-top shape. These are designed to enhance ongoing training as well as supplement for those not able to commit to a weekly class. New to Verve? Great; we'll get you up to speed and you'll get the basics under your belt in no time. Returning students are always welcome; we select new scripts each workout!

Will Hightower
, Instructor

Fall 2019 schedule coming soon

Private Coaching  

Verve offers private coaching for kids 6-7 year olds if they are readers and have an agent/seeking an agent/auditioning professionally. Kids ages 8-18 may take private lessons without restrictions, but we do recommend a group class over private lessons in the long run as they'll learn faster by being able to act with a partner.

Private lessons are great for one-time audition coaching.


A note about the ages/classes:  

At Verve, we have fun, but do so while preparing for professional acting opportunities (plays, movies, commercials, auditions, having an agent). We've found that around age 11 is when kids start getting more serious about acting and are ready for weekly training and acting homework. Our weekly classes are available for ages 10-18.

Our Saturday workshops work well for families that have multiple weekly committments and places to be and can't commit to the weekly class. Saturday workouts are for ages 8 (will accept a 7 1/2 year old that is focused) through 18 and can be taken one at a time or in a block.

Under 5? We recommend doing a group creative play class such as what Childsplay in Tempe offers. Most talent agents don't sign kids under age 5, so there isn't a need for professional training that young.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about where your child should start.


* + $25 one-time studio registration fee
# pre-requisites apply