Verve Studios


Movement for Performance Capture.
Techniques for Film, Computer Animation, Video Games and Stage Performance.
Studying Character development through motion and gestures.
Breaking down emotional communication using body language and sight sound visualizations through the Third-Eye.
Focusing on performance projection, spatial relationships, and environmental embodiment.

Over the 5-weeks, we will cover:
1. Self and the 5 senses. Truth awareness and physical authenticity.
2. Emotional intentions, crafting expression, and moving through various states of being.
3. Sharing living space, improvisation, and imaginary reflection.
4. Environment interaction, Big & Small within time, tone and mood.
5. Scene flow and timing for the creation of an organic audience connection.

Each 2-hour class will have a warm-up period. Wear comfortable work-out clothing.
Classes will be held in the open space of Verve Studios, not in a Motion Capture suit and Camera Volume experience. Adult class. Open to ages 17+.

Tuesdays, September 24-October 22, 2019

7-9 pm | Julene Renee, Instructor | $350*

Julene Renee
* +$25 one-time registration fee for new students