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Voice, Movement and Text | Monologues

Whole Body Acting is a six-week class designed to deepen your character study by discovering the physical life and voice of each character. Through a series of exercises, you'll connect the voice and completely engage the body to communicate not only the text, but also the sub-text, relationships and environment. You'll sharpen your body awareness and sensitivity to critical elements that impact the life of each character. You'll learn to free the voice. You'll play the play.

**We will limit this class to 6 students and have gridded out the studio to offer maximum physical distancing. We will also wear masks or face shields, which the studio has available. ZOOM PARTICIPATION IS ALSO AVAILABLE**
Who should take the class?
Theatre actors.  You'll explore projection and physicality.
Film actors. You'll learn how breath connects to the words and the meaning of the words.
Voice-Over actors. You'll learn how to warm up your voice, find resonance and more color.
Non-actors.  You'll learn about what your voice and body are communicating.
Experienced actors.  Laura is a master coach with two masters degrees and will meet you where you're at and help you deepen your process.

What do you do in the class?

Every class starts out with a physical and vocal warm-up, with the first few classes having a thorough and complete warm-up, following by work on the text. As the class progresses, the warm-up becomes more efficient and more time is spent each class on applying the physical and vocal techniques to the text. Actors use both a contemporary and classical monologue of their choice.

Who teaches the class?
Laura Winstin has a Master of Education from the University of Illinois, a Master of Fine Arts from De Paul University and a Bachelor of Arts from Loyola University.  She's also an alum of the British American Drama Academy and National Shakespeare Conservatory.  She directed and taught in Chicago before moving to Arizona. More info on Laura on our coaches page.

Tuesdays, June 30-August 4, 2020
6:30-9:30 pm | Laura Winstin, Instructor | $300*

Register for IN STUDIO or ZOOM
3-hour class once a week for 6 weeks.
Maximum: 10 students.
Minimum deposit of 1/2 of full tuition must be put down to secure spot in the class. Balance is due one week before the first class. Deposit is refundable up to two weeks prior to the first class.

Verve Studios Laura Winstin Voice Acting Breathing In the Physical Character

*+$25 registration fee for first-time Verve students.