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Do you want to be a working actor?  Do you want to be successful in film, television, theatre, commercials, industrials, hosting?  Then Verve Studios is the place for you. The training at Verve Studios focuses on both the craft and the business of acting and creates flexible, dynamic working actors, who respect and understand the process and one another. We've been helping aspiring to working actors for 14 years!

ADULTS (ages 18-up)
The Foundational Classes consist of THE CORE, GET PERSONAL and SCENE STUDY.  Taken together, these lay the foundation of your technique and provide a place and opportunity to build on that foundation.

THE CORE – Technique/foundation builder and an introduction to Scene Study.
GET PERSONAL – Connecting your self and your experiences to your work.
SCENE STUDY – On-going course designed to reinforce and strengthen technique as well as stretch limitations. * (Pre-requisite is THE CORE)

Verve also offers Complementary Classes designed to give you a well-rounded education and the ability to be successful in any medium.  Designed to give the actor a leg-up in the market and be completely versed in all mediums, the complementary classes are essential counterparts to the Foundational Classes.

SLAYING THE MONOLOGUE MONSTER - 6 weeks of monologues - both comedic and monologue.
MOVEMENT FOR PERFORMANCE CAPTURE - taught by Julene Renee (Titanic, Avatar).  
FILM ACTING– Using the camera, classes emphasize honesty in work through practice and application. Multiple levels.
COMMERCIALS– comprehensive on-camera class for the bread and butter of the industry – the commercial. Multiple levels available.
TelePrompTer– getting to know this piece of equipment and using it, not letting it use you.
HOSTING – skills for on-camera and in-person hosting.
ACCENTS AND DIALECTS – multiple workshops covering worldwide accents and dialects. 
VOICE OVER - creating variety and individuality with your voice for commercials. Multiple levels and classes.
VOICE FOR THE ACTOR -Developing the expressivepower and range of your voice. This class will introduce you to the skills you need for dramatic texs from Shakespeare to Chekhov.
HONEST IMPROV - creating realism through improvised character development, scene creation and monologues.
SHAKESPEARE (Monologues, Scenes and Boot Camp) -
gain an understanding of what is expected in Shakespearean performance.
BREATHING IN THE PHYSICAL CHARACTER -Connecting voice and body to the text.
WARM-UP ESSENTIALS- properly warming up your body and voice for any acting situation.

With the exception of SCENE STUDY, and ADVANCED/Level 2 classes, all classes have open enrollment and can be taken in any sequence.  Students new to Verve Studios or new to acting are highly encouraged to start with THE CORE.

Required reading for Foundational Classes: Uta Hagen’s A CHALLENGE FOR THE ACTOR and Richard Boleslavsky’s ACTING: THE FIRST SIX LESSONS.

Private lessons and audition taping also available.

Verve also offers Professional Training Classes, Weekend Workouts and Summer Camps.

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